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About Asana

With Asana Girl Period Pads, we wanted to create something special.  All the period pads we see are “traditional” meaning they all do the same function, “Absorb”. But what would happen if we could create a period pad that can do more!

Asana isasmallfamily business.  As a mother you see your daughter copying you!   Wearing apadwhentheyare only 7 years of age,  just to be like their mother, even though they do not need it.  Now our daughter is almost 11 years old.  Wedevelopedapadtofither. Wecreated a pad not like any other because as mothers, our daughters are our princesses and we want the best for them.

When my daughter was almost 8 years-old  we started  to create a product line that is structurally make for a girl.  We also added our patented Biowave Advantage layer,  Asana’ s final product can do more!  Made just for girls, Chlorine and Chemical Free, Thin so she does not feel like she is wearingaperiodpad. Odorprotection naturally, Helps prevent yeast infections naturally.  With our natural minerals Asana Girl period can help with inflammation and cramps.  It is time to have period products that can do more!  Because we believe our Princesses deserve better.


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